While reading "The Torch and the Sword" by Rick Joyner, I took a big-----mmmmm gulp and accepted the fact that I was to be a torchbearer. Seems a bit scary, but hey, I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me----- RIGHT??? Anyway, one thing that REALLY 'makes my baby jump' is seeing what God has going on in other places (particularly in the Arts). So, one night I was surfing the web and found some metal wall pieces...and commented to my husband that it would be cool to make that kind of stuff. SO GUESS WHAT.....I just got a late mother's day present.........and yup.....it's a torch, goggles, and some metal. I can hardly wait to get started. Of course I'll need the help of my hubby to fire up the torch and all.

And, I have to testify that I was nursing the baby to sleep tonight and normally I would have turned on the tube to occupy my mind, but I decided to talk to the Lord and he gave me an image for a metal piece. I'm stoked! He also gave me clarity on two different silk pieces that I'm to make for some other folks. SO, if you want to veg in front of the tube, you just might miss what God wants to say.

Blessings friends! Love ya!

Above is a piece entitled "Victory". It's Jesus laughing in front of a river of blood, created by foam covered in two different types of cloth. The center panel of the tryptych is a satin and the outer pieces are a textured matte finish material. The painting of Jesus laughing is by Ralph Kozak. "The One whose throne is in heaven sits laughing" Psalms 2:4, check the beginning part of Ps 2 and you'll see it talks about enemy trying to mess with the saints, and our Jesus sits enthroned laughing!! YES, YES, YES --- WE R VICTORIOUS. This pc is like 4' x 6', I got the poster size pic at Praise Prints online. www.jesuslaughing.com


At 6:20 PM , Blogger Katrina A. said...

I LOVE the banners!!! We are moving the 7th of June, but I would love to get together again before we go. Just let me know if and when you can.

At 9:34 PM , Blogger melinda m said...

Yeah Katrina, you name it for next week if you can swing it..........


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