Been Trippin' on the Big D

whats up?? in the last couple of weeks I've been trippin on depression and despair........Thank God for prayer and the body. One friend called when I was about to lose it. I was grateful and found myself encouraged by the end of the conversation. Thank God for those little friendly interjections. Whew.........what a doozy. I could sleep all day and night sometimes. Wrestling with the insecurities and the unknown (I'm about to begin the homeschool journey) can really begin to wear me out.

BUT ======> GOD IS GOOD. I'm so grateful for His faithfulness and His covenant with us. He has promised to never leave us or forsake us. I'm beginning to get it.........just working on pressing thru and praising Him in the midst of discouragement and despair. I'm fairly certain that it was a specific attack sent against me...........but WHO CARES! I'm sick of giving credit to the enemy....does it really matter? Who is this KING OF GLORY..........the Lord Strong and Mighty, the LORD INVINCIBLE in Battle.....................Ps 24:8 come what may, my KING is poised and ready for battle.........He IS victorious! and He's my Daddy, my Shield, my Portion, Deliverer, Strong Tower and Very Present Help in Time of Need. Yet, I will PRAISE HIM.


At 7:26 AM , Blogger Mark D said...

Hi Melinda!

I love your blog and your family is absolutely adorable!! My wife is due August 2nd with our first - a boy. We are thrilled and can hardly wait to hold him. Hey, I deal with feelings of despair and depression now and then to. The Bible describes Jesus as a man of sorrows and aquainted with grief. I also believe he laughed often and probably played a practical joke or two on Peter once in a while. Anyway, I think what causes it with me is when I see so much need in the world and so many people hurting, yet I am so small, insignificant. It's like I could never do enough. However, I then realize I am focusing on me and not on God through me. I just have to be willing and obedient...and prayer moves mountains. Maybe I can't fly around the world on mission trips right now, but the local mall is a mission field, and I can pray and support those going to other countries. More to say on this, but you get the idea.

Just wanted to say thank you for visiting my blog. I have been scarce in blog world lately due to preparation for the baby etc. I thoroughly enjoyed your blog and will be back. Is it okay if I add you to my links? Have a blessed weekend!

At 6:16 AM , Blogger Godwyn Lim said...

Hey Melinda,

Thank you for sharing the awesome artists! It's really exciting to see the work of God even through art of a fine pencil & a clean sheet of paper!

I am in the process of updating the Gallery with the wonderful links you had provided.

"For God hath not given us the spirit of fear but of power & of love, & of a sound mind." 2 Timothy 1:7

I been in bad health & depression in the past weeks as well, I understand your thoughts but I kept proclaiming God's healing to manifest in me, hang in there, you are not alone as the God we serve is a Good God with Loving Kindness & Mercy! Amen?!

Jesus & Godwyn love you heaps! I have linked up your 'blog' with mine, sharing your awesome testimonies with others, I hope you do not mind!

Have a good week ahead! God Bless!

At 12:17 PM , Blogger Donna said...

Hey there!

I am sorry its taken me so long to blog back. Actually, I had written really long blogs a couple of times, my phone rang and I was kicked off before I could publish.

How are you feeling now? I hope better...will be praying. I know sometimes I feel like the big black dark tunnel has come to swallow me up. I hate being depressed it feels so smothering.

I use to teach 1st grade so if you need any help with ideas for homeschooling just let me know.

Sorry for the long comment.


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