Walk on WATER?? Who, Me?

Well, I have about 12 bruises from head to toe that I'm wearing like a series of badges from my numerous wipe-outs!!! You guessed it! I started my surfing (wanna-be) career this weekend. Friday I went out attempting to 'WALK on WATER' with the aide of a 5'something fast board, whoaaaaa nelly! I did a real good nose dive on one attempt to get up, but mainly found myself exhausted from the current and trying to get out to the sand bar. I LOVED every minute of it though. Then, on Saturday morning I arrived at the beach at 5:45 and sat quietly in the presence of the Lord while about 30 dolphins were frolicking about 50' out. I suddenly found myself realizing that in the past I would have been so psyched, (oh, I mean STOKED) about the dolphins, which were a blessing, but these days stuff in the natural just isn't cutting it for me.....you see I have this insatiable appetite for the presence of the ALMIGHTY. I see Him glorified in His creation, but man, I want to see the CREATOR!!!!

I didn't leave dissappointed though. I find myself excited about the revelatory nature of this surfing thing. Like, surely I can walk on water with the aide of this 8' longboard. I mean really. Who cares that I'm 35 and a mother of 3 under 5's. Who cares that I'm a lot less limber and lack upper body strength and so on. I CAN DO ALL THINGS THROUGH CHRIST WHO STRENGTHENS ME......yes indeedy. that'd include surfing I do believe. I really believe God has called me to this and I see Him teaching me along the lines of timing and being led by the Spirit. Saturday, I kept trying to catch every wave and wearing myself out. In hindsight I knew that I should be waiting for the right wave, for the wave that I'm properly positioned for. You see, GOD has A LOT going on, many, many waves are coming in. But they're not all for me to ride. And, I can't strive and wear myself out trying to catch every one. It should flow more easily....if I can just listen and act instinctively without over-analyzing everything, I'm confident that the Spirit of the Living God will flow more freely through me.

I'm grateful for all of the awesome ministries that God has going on like 3rd wave and such. These are the things that make me feel alive and somewhat at home! Blessings friends! LOVE, love and more love!


PRAISE GOD, Hope's on the Horizon
God is SOOOOOO GOOD! thanks Blog buddies for your encouragement and prayers! I definately felt the heaviness lift. I see so much hope on the horizon....yes, even the homeschool horizon.......wooooo hoooooo! Thank you JESUS.

I'm back to feeling inspired and excited about this summer. Plans to evangelize in our nearest "sin city" are on....I'm seeing visions of praise and worshiping with banners and drawing in people and a great harvest of souls. Time is drawing near. It's all coming together. I LOVE the way God speaks to different people in different places and brings HIS glorious purpose to fruition (was that grammatically correct??) anywho......GOD is soooo cool man!! Don't get me wrong now, I have a deep reverence for Him, it's just that I LOVE how HE orchestrates it all! No one could pull it all together like HE does. He's SO worthy of all our praise and adoration. AND I'm so eternally grateful that Jesus sent the Holy Spirit to lead and guide us. I'd be SOOO lost without Him. Plus isn't it sweet to think that Jesus is our High Priest interceding on our behalf? I could just ramble on and on about the goodness of God, but I'm afraid I'll be all over the place. BLESSINGS to you as you read this post. I pray you find The WAY, The TRUTH, and The LIFE in greater measure daily, even moment by moment. I pray that you find the narrow path and fulfill His Divine Purpose and your destiny as planned by our BEAUTIFUL HEAVENLY FATHER!! LOVE YOU peeps!


Been Trippin' on the Big D

whats up?? in the last couple of weeks I've been trippin on depression and despair........Thank God for prayer and the body. One friend called when I was about to lose it. I was grateful and found myself encouraged by the end of the conversation. Thank God for those little friendly interjections. Whew.........what a doozy. I could sleep all day and night sometimes. Wrestling with the insecurities and the unknown (I'm about to begin the homeschool journey) can really begin to wear me out.

BUT ======> GOD IS GOOD. I'm so grateful for His faithfulness and His covenant with us. He has promised to never leave us or forsake us. I'm beginning to get it.........just working on pressing thru and praising Him in the midst of discouragement and despair. I'm fairly certain that it was a specific attack sent against me...........but WHO CARES! I'm sick of giving credit to the enemy....does it really matter? Who is this KING OF GLORY..........the Lord Strong and Mighty, the LORD INVINCIBLE in Battle.....................Ps 24:8 come what may, my KING is poised and ready for battle.........He IS victorious! and He's my Daddy, my Shield, my Portion, Deliverer, Strong Tower and Very Present Help in Time of Need. Yet, I will PRAISE HIM.