Shock Therapy from the FATHER

well friends, I just got back from two life changing events!! WOoooo hoooooo. I'm forever changed I must say and IT'S JUST GRAND!!! I went to a conference and the Lord ministered to me in so many ways. HE actually told me to blog, so I'm trusting His leading on what to say here. I'm so grateful that He has allowed me to go away to have time designated to focus on Him and worship Him. It's been so important for me to have these times with 3 little darlins around all the time. I know my husband sees the fruit of it as well and he's so sweet in allowing me to go.

Having said that, I'll share one of the major things that happened to me. During the conference, one of the speakers (prophet Bob Jones) called for people to come up and receive a seal on their left arm (this is in Song of Solomon) if they wanted to give their lives to the LORD for the service of the BODY of Christ. And so I went. I was worshiping the whole time while in line and as I got close all was well.....but after passing through the line my knees began to get weak and next thing I knew----> yep, you guessed it.....I was on the floor crawling to a free space. It was there, on the floor, face down that I received a series of jolts from the Holy Spirit. Waves and waves hit me for quite some time. NOTHING LIKE THIS HAD EVER HAPPENED TO ME BEFORE...and I just couldn't get up! There was much drunkenness in the Spirit all around me, but I remained in shock therapy. I don't understand all that happened that night, but I can tell you that now I have mega levels of peace, love, joy, etc. There was talk about the seven fold spirit, so perhaps I got doses of them; like Spirit of the Fear of the Lord, Understanding, Wisdom, etc. It's really wild. At points I feel as though the Holy Spirit has completely overtaken me. It's abandonment of self really.

The Lord has done so much in me lately, it's TOTALLY AMAZING. He's taken me to the next level again and again. Through a precious friend of mine, He's taken me to a place of REALLY, REALLY worshiping Him in Spirit and in Truth. It's like I have a song that won't quit and it just comes out of my spirit and never ends. I'm finding myself in worship ALL DAY long. THis is so awesome because I don't have to warm up ya know and things that would have normally really aggravated my last nerve are so much more bearable!!

After the conference I was at the gym with my ipod worshiping (incognito) and I got so full of the Spirit that my knees began to buckle again. It was hilarious!!!! I just was laughing and played it off saying "oh, I worked out too hard". So anyway, I sat for a while, till I knew I had the strength to pick up my baby (ha ha ha) and then as I was leaving I saw a young man in a car broke down on a small incline by a parking lot. The LORD urged me to go and help him. So I pulled over and spoke to him and asked if I could help him push the car. Well friends, LO AND BEHOLD, there I was 5 foot 1 and a half inch petite mama pushing a car up a hill- no sweat. I laughed and said "With God, ALL things are possible" I believe that GOD did a miracle to meet the need of that young man at that time. I asked my husband later if I should have been able to push a car up a small hill and he said "NO", we laughed as I told him what had happened, and then he got a little 'drunk' saying "I have to drive!"

I've been having such a blast in the LORD. My prayer for you guys is that you would have your fire for GOD stoked as you read this. That you would get SUPERCHARGED, encouraged and highly motivated to RUN HARD after GOD!
Watch JESUS CAMP by the way-----------wooooaaa!
God Bless you!

P.S. Anybody ever seen orbs in digital photos b4? Check out the one above my baby girl's head there???? What are your thoughts? Angelic activity? Anointing?