Haiti Remembered

Here are some beautiful pieces from a friend of mine. He's remembering his home land of Haiti. He's a devout man of God. I wanted to take some time and space to promote his breaktaking art. If you have any interest in purchasing, please notify me and I will let him know. Blessings friends...feast your eyes on these gorgeous, colorful works!



a family affair

Well, the first worship and bonfire on the beach turned out to be a family affair. It was kind of a spur-of-the moment deal without a lot of prior planning, but it was a great time. This photo is interesting (not cause it's me!) because it look
s like there something going on in the atmosphere. Could it be a glory cloud??? hmmmm... I'm just askin'! I read in David Stanfield's newsletter that he often captures different "spheres" in his photos of people ministering with the banners. It is said that worshiping in this way changes the atmosphere. Thanks Melissa for the pic!.

It was cool that my brother-in-law and his wife were into it and my little nephew really enjoyed the flags. For some reason, I didnt think they were going to be interested, so that was a pleasant surprise. We cranked Martha Munizzi "The Best is Yet to Come" and just praised until the kids were "done". I was reminded that I lose all sense of time in the midst of worship in this way. It was like 11 when we left and I could have gone on for hours longer. When I get discouraged about time constraints now, I find myself projecting my thoughts to eternity, realizing fully that we wont be bound by time as we praise and worship continually. What an awesome thought. We wont be bound by our failing bodies. yes, my body was about to fail me that night on the beach. I was dancing and found myself twirling around and nearly fell to the ground at one point. There is just not enough strength in my mortal body to express my love and adoration for GOD almighty. HE is wonderful, beyond words, beyond physical expression. Any artists out there: have you had the issue of getting an image (in your spirit, or in your minds eye) and simply not being able to reproduce it in the natural? It happens almost every time with me....................whats up with that?

sorry about the poor grammatics this time, something keeps happening with the shift key. until next time, blessings to all you wonderful bloggers!